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The game was invented by Richard Canfield as a gambling game at 1899. It means that people played klondike solitaire to earn money in the form of gamble.
That time; There was no system to entertainment, So people using this game. As to the klondike game to overcome their stress.
Let me give you the example of Napolean Bonaparte; he played the solitaire game during his time or prison time. He was played the solitaire to spend his time.
If you are talking about gambling and earn money. They have fond of this game.
The rules of klondike solitaire is more strict than the spider solitaire. You are the only one of the three cards.
Klondike was invented during the Klondike gold rush. This game is given by Nothern Cananda in 19th centuary. It is played without joker. After shuffling, seven piles of cards are laid from left to right.
There are seven variants of klondike solitaire;
Aganes, Esthaven, Nine Across, Thumb and Pouch, Whitehead, and Westecliff.
This game can be played with a Tarot-style 78-card deck.
But in Spider solitaire there are four suits which is define as;
Spider 1 Suit, Soider Suit 2, Gigantic Spider, Relaxed Spider, Spiderette, Spiderwort, Will'o the Wisp.
You can  play spider solitaire free  online or offline. It is very easy to play and it has to be a simplest technique to play both game.
Both game are scoring game, the initial score of spider solitaire is 500. Beside this, In pyramid solitaire, Score is dependent on every and every step.

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